42: Dead Man's Island in the Harvested Field

Last week's trip to northern Germany - a syncnificant 42 / Jupiter encounter [click pics 2 enlarge]:

Bike tour - after passing 42 (= the harvest) drove back to take a picture (didn't know whY - strong feeling):

42 (white sign on the left side), then noted 421 & 23 (blue sign on the right side)

 42 and the harvested field on the left side

 42 and the non-harvested field on the right side

 412 & 23 on the right side

 Noted this "island "on the left side right in the harvested field.

 X right above the island in the sky (X= 24th letter | 42) - after seeing X, decided to go there... on the way shoe laces untied - didn't fix it because of all that stubbles in that field.

 Thinking ["it would be too crazy to find anything syncnificant here"] - moving into the "island"...

 ...finally going down to tie the shoe laces - recognizing a smooth stone right beside another X - a tombstone upside down, thinking ["wow!"]

After cleaning the tombstone it got readable: a man born 1922, died 1940 - so this was lost & forgotten, dead man's island.

Right after setting the tombstone upright - a white butterfly apperead, flying right over the grave (butterfly = human soul in greek mythology) - a very touching moment.

It's always worth it to follow 42.
It's an adventure.

Update: Twitter trending worldwide on 9/23/10


Cosmic Ti69er said...

Love it Nexus. These are the best moments aren't they? Much love.


Nexus said...

yes, very deep and touching. thank you. 42 (= much love?) ;-)

Nexus said...

R.I.P. Karl-Heinz Wohlert born 04/28/1922, died 09/13/1940.

Stefan J said...

That was nice. Great photography too.


Anonymous said...

Are you still in Germany ? Wich place did you find this, exactly?


Nexus said...


sorry, don't know exactly, best guess:


been in northern germany for about a week b4 leaving. really nice there ;-)